End of Firebreak Lockdown

The end of the firebreak lockdown on 9 November 2020 could not come quick enough for some people. It isn’t a secret that many families have struggled since the imposition of measures back in March of this year relating to Covid-19, but after being stuck in the house for the past 2 weeks this may have gotten worse.

If you have been contemplating divorce during lockdown but are reluctant due to the upcoming festivities, you might want to obtain some advice. It isn’t nice to pull a family apart this close to the holidays, but you also have to consider your own well-being too. It may be that you are not happy anymore, or it may be that you’re in an abusive relationship – do not let the thought of Christmas prevent you from putting your wellbeing first!

If you are considering divorcing your partner but aren’t sure where to start, feel free to give us a call and we will advise you on this.

It may be that you aren’t married, but have been together for a number of years and so have various joint assets, such as your home. If you aren’t sure of the impact of separation on this, we advise that you seek legal advice on this as we have found that people’s perceptions on the impact of separation have not been accurate. Additionally, if you are separating from someone that you have children with, it is advisable to get some formal contact arrangements in place so that no arguments occur which could have a negative impact on the child.

If you need advice on anything discussed, give us a call today!

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