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A will is the first step toward safeguarding your legacy and ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes. As expert will lawyers in North Wales, we emphasise the peace of mind that comes from having a detailed Will.

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Wills & Probate

Making a Will

Everyone should make a Will.

If you care about what happens to your property after you pass away, you should make a will.

Without one, your partner, friends or relatives may get nothing. It is particularly important to make a will if you and your partner are not married nor have a civil partnership. This is because the law does not automatically recognise partners as having the same rights as husbands and wives or civil partners.

Making a will not only enables you to manage your estate and assets but, in the process, look after loved ones when you’ve gone, and, potentially protect certain assets from being used for any long-term care needs you may have in the future.

If you die without having made a Will your estate might pass to your parents or your siblings under intestacy rules, but you may prefer to leave your estate to your nieces, nephews, friends or charities that a close to your heart.

Equally, you should make a Will to set out your preferred funeral arrangements.

We can give advice and guidance as to the most appropriate form of Will for you to cover your individual requirements and to try to minimise, where possible, the impact of Inheritance Tax.


When a person dies, someone has to deal with their affairs. This is called administering the estate. Bereavement is often a distressing time for all concerned and taking on this task can be a daunting prospect. Administering an estate can be a lengthy process of information gathering and paperwork, calculations and correspondence, accounts and settlements. The process can be both time-consuming, and complex.

That’s why our probate solicitors work with you to take the strain and make the process as straightforward as possible.

We have the experience and knowledge to take on this burden efficiently, sympathetically and in the most cost-effective and timely way possible. We provide our clients full support, advice and guidance during this difficult period and take responsibility for gathering details and administering the estate and to sort out any problems that may arise.

Our services in wills and probate in North Wales, are designed to guide you through each step of the process, ensuring your peace of mind. We focus on drafting wills that reflect your desires precisely, minimise liabilities, and protect your loved ones, leveraging our expertise to offer not just legal solutions but a promise of security for your future.

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Expert Guidance and Legal Assurance

Wills and probate lawyers, integral to estate planning and administration, offer comprehensive services tailored to ensure your final wishes are honoured and your loved ones are protected. 

How our Wills and Probate Lawyers can help

Drafting Critical Legal Documents

Our lawyers meticulously draft wills, trusts, and other essential legal documents, ensuring they align with your wishes and comply with legal standards.

Estate and Tax Planning

We provide expert advice on minimising inheritance taxes and organising your estate efficiently, protecting your beneficiaries from potential financial burdens.

Administering the Estate

From securing probate to distributing assets, our lawyers manage all aspects of estate administration, ensuring a smooth transition for your beneficiaries.

Legal and Emotional Support

Understanding the emotional weight of estate planning, our lawyers offer compassionate support, guiding you and your family through each step with sensitivity and care.

Comprehensive Probate Services

Asset Management

We handle the valuation, collection, and distribution of estate assets, ensuring everything is accounted for and distributed according to the will.

Legal Compliance

Our lawyers stay updated on the latest probate laws, offering informed advice to navigate the probate process legally and efficiently.

Dispute Resolution

In cases of contention, we represent your interests in probate disputes, providing robust legal support to uphold your estate’s directives.

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Navigating the intricacies of wills and probate with a trusted legal partner like Winrows Law ensures that your final wishes are not only respected but meticulously acted upon, providing peace of mind. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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